Str8 To Gay with Connor Maguire and Dirk Wakefield

Connor Maguire has been making videos for Gay Men since at least 2011 and this is his 43rd one for the company. It’s been made for Str8 To Gay, that horny hardcore site that is continually putting out excellent quality gay hardcore, and in it we see him with relative newcomer Dirk Wakefield. Dirk, the 5’8” versatile hunk made his first movie for the company back in February, so we’ve not seen much of him as yet.

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In this series of movies we’re on the soccer club, in the locker room, in the gym area, and we’re hanging to with the athletes who play the game. Connor and Dirk come back from a game, or practice, and start stripping down. They head for the shower, together, with a bit of horsing around in that manly way straight guys do in locker rooms. Ass slap, towel flick. And then the water is set running, the shorts come off, two great big men dicks are out on show and they guys start to get wet. Then they start to get close, then they start to get hard, as do we as they start to make out.

There’s no great video of gay men story here but there is great chemistry between the two of them and, of course, great filming as we travel up and down their fit bodies. Dirk goes down first, taking Connor’s cut length into his mouth. He manages to get all seven inches in deep, deep enough to make him gag, and keeps sucking that cock while Connor fucks his face. This guy has stamina. He also has a very fuckable ass as Connor discovers next. Having fucked his face for a while he turns him round and starts screwing him up against the shower wall.
str8 to gay
There’s some more ass slapping before Connor lies on the floor and Dirk lowers himself down over his cock, taking it right in to the hilt as his own cock hangs heavy between his legs. He turns around and we get to see his hard, tight butt lowered down again, taking the cock all the way and then sliding off it as he lifts himself up again; once it’s out he simply repeats, each time letting us get really close, so close you can almost feel Connor’s hard length sliding in.

Things speed up, the shower starts to echo to the sound of two fit hunks grunting and gasping, as Dirk gets fucked all the way to Connor’s cum shot; a facial complete with mouthful. After that cum-covering he’s going to need another shower.


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