Stepfather’s Secret Part 7

You know this movie is going to be good as soon as you press play. First of all it’s made by Porn Gay Men, secondly it’s for ‘Drill My Hole’, and thirdly, as soon as this flick starts the music and filming are of the highest quality I’ve seen in this business. This a great hardcore threesome with three hot and horny guys including Dirk Caber, who as you may or may not know is one of a chosen few exclusive naked men models for the Men paysite and is hot property.

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Dirk Caber is great in front of the camera. Not only is he great at fucking, but he brings the characters he plays to life. He is a well-built redhead with an amazing beard and lots of colorful tattoos all over his muscled bod. He is an eager top with a six and a half inch dick. If you want to make this guy happy, put him a gym, outside in the sun, or just drop your pants and bend over. Lots of other men have done so already. These include Sean Duran in ‘Tattooed And Screwed’, Jaxon Phenix in ‘Bathe and Misbehave’, and Tom Fault, another exclusive to, in ‘Swingers Part 2.’
Phenix Saint may not be an exclusive, but he is also hot property. He has been in fifteen movies with all of them doing well. His first one was ‘Valentine For Rent’ where he gets his sweet tight ass drilled by Tommy Defendi, which has now been seen by over 25,000 men. Phenix is five feet eight inches and weighs 165 pounds. He loves to keep in shape by mountain biking and surfing. He has a seven inch cut dick which he loves to display in front of anyone who wants to see.
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The third young man in this fantastic trio is Johnny Rapid . Johnny is a bottom boy who can seem to take any length you wish to give. He is six feet tall with brown hair and blue eyes. He has a six inch cut dick and has a slender body which is covered with a bit of hair. He has been in only two films so far, not including this one, and they are, ‘Betting On The Game’, with Jarec Wentworth and ‘The Leak’, where he gets fucked by Colby Jansen, another hot and horny exclusive.
In Part1, Dirk Caber had been picked up by a mature man, Dirk Caber and was paid to spend the night with him in his hotel. This episodes starts with Dirk and Dirk waking up the morning after. Dirk enjoyed himself so much that he asks Dirk to spend a week with him. Dirk says it will cost him twenty thousand dollars. Dirk astonishes Dirk by agreeing to the amount, and he is sent out to buy some new clothes.
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In the shop he comes across Phenix Saint and Johnny Rapid who are very unkind to him, telling him he can’t afford anything in their league. Thinking he has left the shop they start talking about him, but jump when they see he is standing right next to them. Dirk Caber starts to show them how to respect someone as he forces them on to their knees – to take turns on sucking his cock.
They didn’t want his money, but they certainly want his cock. He then gets Phenix Saint to stand up, he spits between his asshole and gets Johnny Rapid to smear his spit around his rim with his tongue. Once his ass is well lubricated, Dirk pushes his cock right up his crack getting Johnny to go round and suck Phenix’s cock at the same time. This becomes a great videos of gay men with their tight assholes getting repeatedly fucked as the other two boys have no choice but to suck each other’s over excited cocks.
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Dirk gets his revenge by hearing these men get excited and begging for more as he fucks them both relentlessly in different positions. Johnny Rapid gets so excited he cums over himself whilst Dirk’s cock is pounding in and out of his asshole. As Johnny lies there both Dirk and Phenix go next to his face and send their own sizzling hot jizz all over his once smug face.
This only part two of what looks like is going to be a fantastic adventure for Dirk Caber. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long before we see how he earns his twenty thousand dollars.

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