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The street lights cast a shadow of a man who is walking alone at night on the path ahead. The light is not too much. A young man stands in that darkness, shrouded by shadows but watching and waiting nervously. As the older guy approaches, he watches knowing very well what is about to happen. The two gay men, Paddy oBrian – the younger one- and Colby Jansen, face each other. Paddy moves into the light so that Colby can see his youthful features.
Colby has some sexually frustrations that Paddy is willing to quench but they have to walk away apart. It is a secret so no one must know what Colby does after dark. He orders his Streetwalker to get naked immediately they get into his hotel. The nervousness in Paddy’s face as he removes his clothes makes you wonder whether he has done this kind of thing before. Paddy strokes his cock to get hard and the two walk into the bathroom. The younger guy takes his manly cock out of his jeans and the two start off a heated slow sensuous suck session.
gay men Paddy oBrian
This lasts for quite a long time before Colby decides to invite his streetwalker to sit on his cock and have it going. His little but cute ass opens up for the long cock. It is the norm of a little boy of the night to please Colby with a soft ass bouncing up and down and taking the full length of his dick. Paddy then bends over for a doggie. Colby likes this and hits it so hard, flesh against flesh.
Colby Jansen Gay Pornstar Colby Jansen Gay Pornstar
The boy of the night then lies on his back. Colby drills his ass again in this position. After some time, he spews his cum all over his stomach. Paddy’s tattooed chest has Colby’s cum all over. After getting rid of the pent up tension, he dismisses the boy into the night.
This is Drill My Hole’s other finest hot scene with gay Colby, one of its most popular exclusive models. The mixture of older and younger that also involved Paddy is pretty nice.