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Sauna Slut

Gay Men have done it again for ‘Drill My Hole.’ ‘Sauna Slut’ is a fantastic, well-filmed, high quality gay video with great sound. This company stand above all others when it comes to producing fantastic hardcore pictures, and it’s easy to see why. The photography and stunning location are amazing in this flick. ‘Sauna Slut’ starts off with relaxing summertime music with the clouds moving in timelapse against a deep blue sky. The sea is twinkling as the sun kisses the warm water and the palm trees are gently swaying in time to the videos of nude gay men. A true romantic setting for a couple of young muscled gods wanting to get away from it all. Even gods have to have fun sometimes, and boy, they sure now how to enjoy themselves.

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Introducing the amazing gay man Duncan Black! This young man is a gift from the heavens. Not only is he hot and horny, he is also a talented artist who is great with a brush in his hand. He has that good looking Hollywood style about him and is bound to go far in whatever, or whoever, he does. He is five foot eight with a rock solid smooth body. He loves being versatile and has an impressive eight and a half inch dick. He has short dark hair that matches his beautiful brown eyes. His one weakness is guys with a hot smile, so if you ever get the chance to meet this hunk in real life, give him your best smile, you never know, he might give you one back.
He is perfectly matched up with the cute Colby Keller who has become very popular at since joining them under a year ago. He is a versatile bottom with a fantastic bubble butt that just loves to get regularly fucked. He has a seven inch cut dick and is five feet seven inches tall. He has brown hair and mesmerizing green eyes that you just want to keep staring into. He has been in fourteen other flicks so far including ‘Bubble Butts’ Parts 2 and 3 and ‘Backhand’ where Sean Blue bends him over in the locker room.

But, in the movie we’re looking at today… Standing amongst the pine trees are two gorgeous naked young porn men. One of the gay men, Colby Keller, is standing still holding onto his cock. The other man, Duncan Black, is standing up painting a picture of Colby. Relaxing music pumps around them as Duncan continues painting as Colby starts to chat him up. The hot weather getting to his head and semi erect cock. They start to fool around when Colby throws Duncan into the pool and then jumps in after him. Putting their hands around each other their passionate lips meet. They let their hands stroke and feel each other’s naked body’s up and down. Their excited cocks stand proud as they get out of the pool and under the outside shower. Pulling the other one closer, their full balls begin to rub against each other’s, their hard gay men cocks get caught between their young, wet bodies.
As the water from the shower cascaded down them Colby crouches down in front of Duncan and takes his eight and a half inch cock into his eager mouth. Being a born cock sucker, Colby manages to take the whole length into his mouth without any problem forcing Duncan Black to cry out in excitement. It is Colby’s turn to yell out next as Duncan gets him to bend over as he licks his pink crack all over, getting it ready for his cock.

After sucking on Duncan’s cock for a while, Colby bends over in the swimming pool and feels the pleasure of his asshole splitting wide open as Duncan slides every inch of his big, hard cock in and out of his dripping wet asshole. As they fuck standing up, you can’t help but get hypnotized watching Colby’s hard cock and ball sack swinging from side to side with each hard thrust of Duncan’s cock deep inside him.
Duncan then sits down as Colby squats down and sits on his erection. He rides him up and down going harder and faster, they moan out in unison as they feel the pressure building up within themselves. Stroking his cock in a fury, Colby Keller shoots his thick white cum all over his smooth stomach. Duncan Black then stands up as he pumps on his own cock he shoots his jizz all over Colby’s waiting mouth and neck. Colby enjoys it so much he licks and sucks the last bit of cum from Duncan’s still hard cock.