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A new next door twink video

Derrick Dime is on a life-journey trying to find out who he really is. He thinks he is straight, but since fucking his best friend up his ass, he’s not sure so now. Next Door Buddies film him on his incredible journey from being ‘next door twink’ In the last episode he fucked the sweet ass off of Brendan Philipps, and in this great episode, he is preparing himself to get his own ass fucked by Alexander Gustavo, who he has found on his app.
When Alexander arrives at Derrick’s apartment, Derrick is so nervous he hardly knows what to say. Alexander is so chilled out that he smiles kindly at Derrick and tells him to relax as Derrick sits on the bed admitting that this is only his second time with another gay guy on the tube
Alexander tells Derrick to stand up so that he can get his clothes off, he leans forward to kiss him but Derrick stops him from kissing him as he is not ready for that yet. Although Alexander finds that a bit weird, he respects Derrick and goes down on his knees as he unbuckles Derrick’s belt and pulls his pants down to his ankles. Alexander compliments Derrick on his nice balls as he weighs them in the palm of his hand as he moves his mouth closer and closer to Derrick’s seven inch hard gay dick.
Derrick looks slightly nervous at first, but once he feels how good Alexander’s mouth feels around his dick he starts to moan and groan with excitement as Alexander deep throats his cock straight away. In fact, once Derrick starts to groan with pleasure, he can’t stop as Alexander sucks on his heave balls, and then back to sucking and slurping all over his aching hard dick.
Even though Derrick has only sucked on one cock before, he soon gets into it as Alexander stands up and gets Derrick to suck on his own dick which is already throbbing mad between his lovely thighs.
Derrick is soon yelling out with desire as he goes onto his hands and knees and Alexander bends over behind him and teases Derrick’s virgin asshole by flickering his tongue all around his smooth untouched ring piece as he gets it lubed up ready for his dick.
Derrick yells out louder and louder as Alexander kneels up and eases his cock deeply into Derrick’s dripping wet asshole. The camera slides underneath them we get a fantastic view of Derrick’s asshole being drilled for the first time as he gets fucked doggy style. Sweat pours down their hard young bodies as Alexander fucks Derrick’s asshole harder and harder and as they fuck in the missionary position, both Alexander Gustavo and Derrick Dime shoot scolding hot cum over Derrick’s smooth white chest.