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Moving on from part two and into the next instalment, ‘The Rental House’ from Helix Studios is back with another fuck-filled, twisted episode. In this one, Nathan James and Keagan Case return from their shopping expedition to find the house empty. That makes us wonder what happened to Joey Mills, last seen in part two being fucked rigid by the creepy janitor played by Helix Studios model Blake Mitchell. We will have to wait for part four to find out about that as this episode ends with a twist.
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Before we get to it, however, there’s plenty of sex. Nathan and Keagan, not bothering about fidelity towards their BFs, have already had a threesome (in part one), and the sexual chemistry is still bubbling. With no-one else around, temptation gets too much for them, and before long, they’re banging on the antique furniture. Keagan, a versatile, athletic stud with eight inches of pride between his legs, gets to top smooth and dark Nathan after turning his well-rimmed ass into an inferno of pleasure. Because these guys are so fit and athletic, there’s no problem getting into all manner of heart-pumping positions.

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Nathan’s keen to please his alpha top and works his cock with his throat, lubing it and preparing it to delve deep into his hidden depths. In return, Keagan works his hole into a frenzy with his mouth, spits it up, and dives his eight inches right in there, hard, fast and furiously until the pounding makes Nathan cum. Keagan soon follows, and they’re just finishing off when…

Here’s where the twist happens. The house owner returns and is outraged to find two guys, no matter how sexy, alone in her mother’s house; a property that’s been empty or a year and one that, we assume, has been rented out by the dodgy twink janitor without her knowing. The question is, where is he? And where is the BF, Joey Mills? Watch the videoa at

A new next door twink video

Derrick Dime is on a life-journey trying to find out who he really is. He thinks he is straight, but since fucking his best friend up his ass, he’s not sure so now. Next Door Buddies film him on his incredible journey from being ‘next door twink’ In the last episode he fucked the sweet ass off of Brendan Philipps, and in this great episode, he is preparing himself to get his own ass fucked by Alexander Gustavo, who he has found on his app.
When Alexander arrives at Derrick’s apartment, Derrick is so nervous he hardly knows what to say. Alexander is so chilled out that he smiles kindly at Derrick and tells him to relax as Derrick sits on the bed admitting that this is only his second time with another gay guy on the tube
Alexander tells Derrick to stand up so that he can get his clothes off, he leans forward to kiss him but Derrick stops him from kissing him as he is not ready for that yet. Although Alexander finds that a bit weird, he respects Derrick and goes down on his knees as he unbuckles Derrick’s belt and pulls his pants down to his ankles. Alexander compliments Derrick on his nice balls as he weighs them in the palm of his hand as he moves his mouth closer and closer to Derrick’s seven inch hard gay dick.
Derrick looks slightly nervous at first, but once he feels how good Alexander’s mouth feels around his dick he starts to moan and groan with excitement as Alexander deep throats his cock straight away. In fact, once Derrick starts to groan with pleasure, he can’t stop as Alexander sucks on his heave balls, and then back to sucking and slurping all over his aching hard dick.
Even though Derrick has only sucked on one cock before, he soon gets into it as Alexander stands up and gets Derrick to suck on his own dick which is already throbbing mad between his lovely thighs.
Derrick is soon yelling out with desire as he goes onto his hands and knees and Alexander bends over behind him and teases Derrick’s virgin asshole by flickering his tongue all around his smooth untouched ring piece as he gets it lubed up ready for his dick.
Derrick yells out louder and louder as Alexander kneels up and eases his cock deeply into Derrick’s dripping wet asshole. The camera slides underneath them we get a fantastic view of Derrick’s asshole being drilled for the first time as he gets fucked doggy style. Sweat pours down their hard young bodies as Alexander fucks Derrick’s asshole harder and harder and as they fuck in the missionary position, both Alexander Gustavo and Derrick Dime shoot scolding hot cum over Derrick’s smooth white chest.

Exclusive Star Will Braun

willbraunWill Braun became an all exclusive star to this site back in February 2015 and has now starred in 41 hardcore movies with them with another two about to be released, which are, ‘Testing My Limits Part 3’ with Darin Silvers, and ‘Lost Boy Part 1’ which also stars the hunky hairy Jessy Ares. He has become so popular in such a short time that he has over 20k people following him on his Twitter page. Will is a versatile young man with a seven inch cut cock and a great tight asshole. He has brown hair, bright blue eyes, is five feet six inches tall and weighs 150 pounds.

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The street lights cast a shadow of a man who is walking alone at night on the path ahead. The light is not too much. A young man stands in that darkness, shrouded by shadows but watching and waiting nervously. As the older guy approaches, he watches knowing very well what is about to happen. The two gay men, Paddy oBrian – the younger one- and Colby Jansen, face each other. Paddy moves into the light so that Colby can see his youthful features.
Colby has some sexually frustrations that Paddy is willing to quench but they have to walk away apart. It is a secret so no one must know what Colby does after dark. He orders his Streetwalker to get naked immediately they get into his hotel. The nervousness in Paddy’s face as he removes his clothes makes you wonder whether he has done this kind of thing before. Paddy strokes his cock to get hard and the two walk into the bathroom. The younger guy takes his manly cock out of his jeans and the two start off a heated slow sensuous suck session.
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This lasts for quite a long time before Colby decides to invite his streetwalker to sit on his cock and have it going. His little but cute ass opens up for the long cock. It is the norm of a little boy of the night to please Colby with a soft ass bouncing up and down and taking the full length of his dick. Paddy then bends over for a doggie. Colby likes this and hits it so hard, flesh against flesh.
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The boy of the night then lies on his back. Colby drills his ass again in this position. After some time, he spews his cum all over his stomach. Paddy’s tattooed chest has Colby’s cum all over. After getting rid of the pent up tension, he dismisses the boy into the night.
This is Drill My Hole’s other finest hot scene with gay Colby, one of its most popular exclusive models. The mixture of older and younger that also involved Paddy is pretty nice.

Str8 To Gay with Connor Maguire and Dirk Wakefield

Connor Maguire has been making videos for Gay Men since at least 2011 and this is his 43rd one for the company. It’s been made for Str8 To Gay, that horny hardcore site that is continually putting out excellent quality gay hardcore, and in it we see him with relative newcomer Dirk Wakefield. Dirk, the 5’8” versatile hunk made his first movie for the company back in February, so we’ve not seen much of him as yet.

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In this series of movies we’re on the soccer club, in the locker room, in the gym area, and we’re hanging to with the athletes who play the game. Connor and Dirk come back from a game, or practice, and start stripping down. They head for the shower, together, with a bit of horsing around in that manly way straight guys do in locker rooms. Ass slap, towel flick. And then the water is set running, the shorts come off, two great big men dicks are out on show and they guys start to get wet. Then they start to get close, then they start to get hard, as do we as they start to make out.

There’s no great video of gay men story here but there is great chemistry between the two of them and, of course, great filming as we travel up and down their fit bodies. Dirk goes down first, taking Connor’s cut length into his mouth. He manages to get all seven inches in deep, deep enough to make him gag, and keeps sucking that cock while Connor fucks his face. This guy has stamina. He also has a very fuckable ass as Connor discovers next. Having fucked his face for a while he turns him round and starts screwing him up against the shower wall.
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There’s some more ass slapping before Connor lies on the floor and Dirk lowers himself down over his cock, taking it right in to the hilt as his own cock hangs heavy between his legs. He turns around and we get to see his hard, tight butt lowered down again, taking the cock all the way and then sliding off it as he lifts himself up again; once it’s out he simply repeats, each time letting us get really close, so close you can almost feel Connor’s hard length sliding in.

Things speed up, the shower starts to echo to the sound of two fit hunks grunting and gasping, as Dirk gets fucked all the way to Connor’s cum shot; a facial complete with mouthful. After that cum-covering he’s going to need another shower.

Stepfather’s Secret Part 7

You know this movie is going to be good as soon as you press play. First of all it’s made by Porn Gay Men, secondly it’s for ‘Drill My Hole’, and thirdly, as soon as this flick starts the music and filming are of the highest quality I’ve seen in this business. This a great hardcore threesome with three hot and horny guys including Dirk Caber, who as you may or may not know is one of a chosen few exclusive naked men models for the Men paysite and is hot property.

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Dirk Caber is great in front of the camera. Not only is he great at fucking, but he brings the characters he plays to life. He is a well-built redhead with an amazing beard and lots of colorful tattoos all over his muscled bod. He is an eager top with a six and a half inch dick. If you want to make this guy happy, put him a gym, outside in the sun, or just drop your pants and bend over. Lots of other men have done so already. These include Sean Duran in ‘Tattooed And Screwed’, Jaxon Phenix in ‘Bathe and Misbehave’, and Tom Fault, another exclusive to, in ‘Swingers Part 2.’
Phenix Saint may not be an exclusive, but he is also hot property. He has been in fifteen movies with all of them doing well. His first one was ‘Valentine For Rent’ where he gets his sweet tight ass drilled by Tommy Defendi, which has now been seen by over 25,000 men. Phenix is five feet eight inches and weighs 165 pounds. He loves to keep in shape by mountain biking and surfing. He has a seven inch cut dick which he loves to display in front of anyone who wants to see.
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The third young man in this fantastic trio is Johnny Rapid . Johnny is a bottom boy who can seem to take any length you wish to give. He is six feet tall with brown hair and blue eyes. He has a six inch cut dick and has a slender body which is covered with a bit of hair. He has been in only two films so far, not including this one, and they are, ‘Betting On The Game’, with Jarec Wentworth and ‘The Leak’, where he gets fucked by Colby Jansen, another hot and horny exclusive.
In Part1, Dirk Caber had been picked up by a mature man, Dirk Caber and was paid to spend the night with him in his hotel. This episodes starts with Dirk and Dirk waking up the morning after. Dirk enjoyed himself so much that he asks Dirk to spend a week with him. Dirk says it will cost him twenty thousand dollars. Dirk astonishes Dirk by agreeing to the amount, and he is sent out to buy some new clothes.
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In the shop he comes across Phenix Saint and Johnny Rapid who are very unkind to him, telling him he can’t afford anything in their league. Thinking he has left the shop they start talking about him, but jump when they see he is standing right next to them. Dirk Caber starts to show them how to respect someone as he forces them on to their knees – to take turns on sucking his cock.
They didn’t want his money, but they certainly want his cock. He then gets Phenix Saint to stand up, he spits between his asshole and gets Johnny Rapid to smear his spit around his rim with his tongue. Once his ass is well lubricated, Dirk pushes his cock right up his crack getting Johnny to go round and suck Phenix’s cock at the same time. This becomes a great videos of gay men with their tight assholes getting repeatedly fucked as the other two boys have no choice but to suck each other’s over excited cocks.
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Dirk gets his revenge by hearing these men get excited and begging for more as he fucks them both relentlessly in different positions. Johnny Rapid gets so excited he cums over himself whilst Dirk’s cock is pounding in and out of his asshole. As Johnny lies there both Dirk and Phenix go next to his face and send their own sizzling hot jizz all over his once smug face.
This only part two of what looks like is going to be a fantastic adventure for Dirk Caber. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long before we see how he earns his twenty thousand dollars.

Sauna Slut

Gay Men have done it again for ‘Drill My Hole.’ ‘Sauna Slut’ is a fantastic, well-filmed, high quality gay video with great sound. This company stand above all others when it comes to producing fantastic hardcore pictures, and it’s easy to see why. The photography and stunning location are amazing in this flick. ‘Sauna Slut’ starts off with relaxing summertime music with the clouds moving in timelapse against a deep blue sky. The sea is twinkling as the sun kisses the warm water and the palm trees are gently swaying in time to the videos of nude gay men. A true romantic setting for a couple of young muscled gods wanting to get away from it all. Even gods have to have fun sometimes, and boy, they sure now how to enjoy themselves.

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Introducing the amazing gay man Duncan Black! This young man is a gift from the heavens. Not only is he hot and horny, he is also a talented artist who is great with a brush in his hand. He has that good looking Hollywood style about him and is bound to go far in whatever, or whoever, he does. He is five foot eight with a rock solid smooth body. He loves being versatile and has an impressive eight and a half inch dick. He has short dark hair that matches his beautiful brown eyes. His one weakness is guys with a hot smile, so if you ever get the chance to meet this hunk in real life, give him your best smile, you never know, he might give you one back.
He is perfectly matched up with the cute Colby Keller who has become very popular at since joining them under a year ago. He is a versatile bottom with a fantastic bubble butt that just loves to get regularly fucked. He has a seven inch cut dick and is five feet seven inches tall. He has brown hair and mesmerizing green eyes that you just want to keep staring into. He has been in fourteen other flicks so far including ‘Bubble Butts’ Parts 2 and 3 and ‘Backhand’ where Sean Blue bends him over in the locker room.

But, in the movie we’re looking at today… Standing amongst the pine trees are two gorgeous naked young porn men. One of the gay men, Colby Keller, is standing still holding onto his cock. The other man, Duncan Black, is standing up painting a picture of Colby. Relaxing music pumps around them as Duncan continues painting as Colby starts to chat him up. The hot weather getting to his head and semi erect cock. They start to fool around when Colby throws Duncan into the pool and then jumps in after him. Putting their hands around each other their passionate lips meet. They let their hands stroke and feel each other’s naked body’s up and down. Their excited cocks stand proud as they get out of the pool and under the outside shower. Pulling the other one closer, their full balls begin to rub against each other’s, their hard gay men cocks get caught between their young, wet bodies.
As the water from the shower cascaded down them Colby crouches down in front of Duncan and takes his eight and a half inch cock into his eager mouth. Being a born cock sucker, Colby manages to take the whole length into his mouth without any problem forcing Duncan Black to cry out in excitement. It is Colby’s turn to yell out next as Duncan gets him to bend over as he licks his pink crack all over, getting it ready for his cock.

After sucking on Duncan’s cock for a while, Colby bends over in the swimming pool and feels the pleasure of his asshole splitting wide open as Duncan slides every inch of his big, hard cock in and out of his dripping wet asshole. As they fuck standing up, you can’t help but get hypnotized watching Colby’s hard cock and ball sack swinging from side to side with each hard thrust of Duncan’s cock deep inside him.
Duncan then sits down as Colby squats down and sits on his erection. He rides him up and down going harder and faster, they moan out in unison as they feel the pressure building up within themselves. Stroking his cock in a fury, Colby Keller shoots his thick white cum all over his smooth stomach. Duncan Black then stands up as he pumps on his own cock he shoots his jizz all over Colby’s waiting mouth and neck. Colby enjoys it so much he licks and sucks the last bit of cum from Duncan’s still hard cock.